Who we are

Entertainment is what Asha Ereal Media in.It was founded in the year 2011 by a group of cultural enthusiasts, especially who wanted to make their hobbies available to a wider audience by Acting, Anchoring, Dancing, Singing, Photography ,Story & Essay writing, event and other cultural activities.Our mission is set a new benchmarks with new genre and created milestones which serve as an inspiration for the others. Our moto is looking forward to make better cultural activities using enthusiastic people and create society of culture.

What We Do

The main aim of the organization is to support as well as to promote any cultural activities under this organization.We started our journey with different activities.After that we organized IISFF – CINEMASCOPE AWARDS film festival for all the cultural activities and film makers in India.And years by years this film festival turned out to be one of the best film festivals in the India as well as world.We support all the cultural enthusiasts & inspiring new generation to do their best with hard work and dedication. 

Our History

Asha Ereal Media is focused on inspiring and empowering upcoming generation everywhere to make there own platform digitally.We work as a family and believe that team work is one and only way to provide best of services.

From 2012 many Events ,Programs, Photoshoots, Short Films, Telefilms, Documentary organized and released under the banner of Asha Ereal Media and the leadership of our Festival Director & Founder, Mr.Subrata Das, who believe to come a long way and within a very short time span.

At the end of 2017  we Asha Ereal Media finally decided to organized INDIAN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL,”CINEMASCOPE 2018”. We welcome all the dedicated person to join us as a member and make this festival a grand success years by years.

“Don't Giveup.Start New Think With Positive"

It is an real incredible experience for me. The quality of services only matched by the quality of Film Makers. I wish I can keep the flavor in my work for ever. Thanks to every film makers for making every day an unforgettable one.
Festival Director & Founder

About Cinemascope

INDIAN INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL(IISFF) “CINEMASCOPE AWARDS” where the various Short Films, Documentaries, Animation Films from the country and the world will be screened and awarded. This year we also have various attractions. This time the number of CINEMASOPE AWARDS is higher than ever, which has given our film festival at the highest level.

The presence of renowned public figures of various cultural aspects will add flavor to this festival. We are now one of the leading film festival (CINEMASCOPE AWARDs) in the world. Our motto is to promote talented artists/Filmmakers around the globe through our festival. IISFF provides a platform for Young, Students & Professional Filmmakers to show their talents within a very short time span and express their views & Ideas to the wider audience all over the world as well as they can convey any social message to the society.

People make Short films to develop their potential and innovative ideas. They become try to more successful in this field. It’s a trend now a days to increase their growth, Popularity in the market and there business and connects people easily. Short films are the most easiest way to launch and build up communication tools of values, products, innovation, transparency and much more.