Cinemascope Overview

India's Best International Short Film Festival

Highly Qualified One Of The Leading Awards Film Festival In The World

The cinemascope awards is a non-profit festival under the organization Asha Ereal Media and collaborate with some of the most creative and driven sponsors or partners.IISFF providing filmmakers with a real world stage for recognition of their filmmaking talents. Its also strives to create opportunities for students to explore and develop their passion. Cinemascope achieve the number of awards is higher than ever and it will remain increase years by years. We are going to be the biggest event held at kolkata as well as India, The Indian International Short Film Festival, brings students, families, and the community together to celebrate artistic excellence in filmmaking.

The Indian International Short Film Festival is a prestigious Three day-night only event featuring short film showcase and awards show. With over 500 people in attendance annually, the CINEMASCOPE AWARDS has become a widely anticipated annual event in INDIA and has received recognition international wide. The IISFF provides a unique opportunity for audiences to get a vote to best filmmakers and create filmmakers of tomorrow.

"Best Audience Choice CINEMASCOPE AWARDS 2024"

Cinemascope Awards

Film Catagories

Best (Short) Films CINEMASCOPE Awards –

Best Documentary (Short) Film CINEMASCOPE Awards –

Best Experimental (Short) Film CINEMASCOPE Awards –

Best Student (Short) Film CINEMASCOPE Awards –

Best Social Awareness (Short) Film CINEMASCOPE Awards –

Best Mobile (Short) Film CINEMASCOPE Awards –

Best Animation (Short) Film CINEMASCOPE Awards-

Best Categories CINEMASCOPE Awards –

Best Audience Choice (Short) Film CINEMASCOPE Awards –